Independent Louis

Seeping through the cracks of brick and mortar taverns, the sanguine sounds of Independent Louis have enticed many passers-by to indulge themselves with one quick listen. Once inside, head-bobbing Gen-X and Gen-Y’ers alike can be found raising their glasses and singing along to one of the pop-savvy cuts from IL’s first full length album, “Six Ways From Sunday”.

On the album, Independent Louis throws their eleven cuts at you with equal parts brutal honesty and un-pent fervency, making no excuses for pulling you into their world and opening their scars. Strangely none are needed as these carefully carved, sanded, and smoothed tracks are just the right salve to make being a broken hearted bloke cool again.

Having individually played for indie-rock, 90’s alt-cover, and progressive-acoustic bands in the past, IL have succeeded in melding their musical tastes into a melodic goulash that tastefully exhibits each of these genres. It is this eclectic mix of styles and sensibilities that has resulted in the sincerity of “Six Ways” eleven tracks.