Jay Lang

Name: Jay Lang

Instrument: Drums

Birthday/Sign: November 3rd – Scorpio

First Musical Memory: Playing my uncle’s drum set when I was 3 years-old.

Favorite Record(s) of All Time: OK Computer, Junta, Ten, 3 Feet High and Rising

Worst Job: Worked for one day at the Sherwood Inn as a dishwasher. I walked out after 3 hours.

3 Things You Would Take on a Desert Island:
1. My wife
2. A lot of food
3. A guitar

Something People Might Not Know About You: My first band was a duo called the Casio Cadets. I think we were in the 5th grade. My best friend Jason and I double-teamed my Casio synthesizer. He played the melody and I controlled the drum fills and key changes. My Mom was our biggest and only fan.

What Does Being In Independent Louis Mean To You? : Through Independent Louis I’ve realized my dream of recording an album. I’m extremely proud of our work and hope others enjoy it, too.