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Name: Justin Estlinbaum

Instrument: Guitar

Birthday/Sign: July 10 / Cancer

First Musical Memory: Once when I was little my family and I were eating at Friendly’s. There was a country song playing and my mom was singing along. The waitress asked my mom, “You know this song?” I replied. “My mom has a hard on for country music.” …I thought the saying was “heart on” which makes no sense…which I realize now…but didn’t…when I was 7.

Favorite Record(s) of All Time: Lowest of the Low-Shakespeare my Butt, Fleetwood Mac-Rumors, Paul Simon-Graceland, Vertical Horizon-Live Stages

Worst Job: I worked at Wilson Farms…I got promoted to Shift Manager. Mike’s woman was my boss. I stole a case of beer and two packs of cigarettes…and got caught drinking in the walk in cooler. I was fired…and arrested. It’s cool though, that was way longer than 6 months ago so my slate is super clean now! I don’t condone that sort of behavior – I was in a different stage of life then.

3 Things You Would Take on a Desert Island:
1. My Guitar
2. A picture of my woman and my dog – I would never ask the ones I love to subject themselves to the “desert island” way of life …especially with someone as anal as myself.
3. As many 40’s of Crazy Stallion as I could get. For those of you who know what Crazy Stallion is, there is no explanation necessary. For those who don’t know…you have yet to really live.

Something People Might Not Know About You: My cousin Fritz and I hiked the Long Trail the year I graduated from college. That’s a trail that goes from the Canada/VT border to the VT/MA border.
265 miles, 27 days, 2 showers.

What Does Being In Independent Louis Mean To You? : I love the band for the obvious reasons; being able to create original music to share with fans, I love all the guys in the band, I love to play live shows.

But the main thing is that it is something I can do that makes me feel young, feel awesome, and feel grateful. It’s sort of a F#*K you to everyone that thinks I should be more responsible. They say that, usually, not knowing how responsible I may or may not be…which I can’t stand.

I love having a passion in my life that requires such dedication and hard work…not knowing what I will get out of it in the end is the best part. It makes me work that much harder and helps me to improve constantly as a musician and as just a guy.