Mike Cerio

Name: Mike Cerio

Instrument: Vocals

Birthday/Sign: June 1st & Gemini

First Musical Memory: I distinctly recall myself as this tiny lad with an enormous head perched in front of what then seemed to be a four foot tall glowing silver boom box. It had four speakers and a whole array of buttons and knobs that I was just dying to touch, press, push, and turn. As fate would have it, I opted for the PLAY button and I haven’t been the same since.

The most amazing sound came out of that gleaming cube in the way of the intro to Dire Straits “Money for Nothing.” A touch of synth, a little “I want my MTV” eerily floating in the background, then a drum fill slowly builds…the guitar line fades in louder, LOUDER….CRESCENDO….STOP! It ripped into that signature lead guitar line, I was hooked.

If I rewound that tape once I must have rewound it a thousand times. Each pass I would start to experiment more and more with the seemingly endless buttons and knobs. “I wonder what this TREBLE knob does?” or what if I push all of these EQ sliders up together at the same time right at the end of the build-up?

I probably spazzed out, slammed my Kool-Aid, ran around the house and got spanked…but it was worth it…rock n’ roll.

Favorite Record(s) of All Time: Lowest of the Low – Shakespeare My Butt, Nirvana – Nevermind, Guns n’ Roses – Appetite for Destruction, Goo Goo Dolls – Superstar Car Wash, anything by the Casio Cadets.

Worst Job: Juice and I both worked together as door to door traveling frozen meat salesman…it’s not as glamorous as it sounds. The wide product line of meats, veggies and other assorted snacks were actually quite yummy and we did an alright job pushing our goods. The issue at hand was that along with these scrumptious steaks came a nearly $3000 freezer. So worksheets in hand we walked our would-be customers through the benefits of “freezer living,” skillfully warding off any and all objections that came our way. Cleverly using any and all of the tools we had been armed with…the “best-time close,” the “hand-shake close,” the “1-2-3,” until we (of course) came to the appropriate win-win situation and seemingly a sale.

But then came the dreaded credit check…

Turns out you can sell just about anything to someone who can’t afford a thing. It wasn’t all bad though, we were offered pity samples of the food we were selling so we would not starve to death…and it was, after all, actually quite yummy.

3 Things You Would Take on a Desert Island:
1. Lowest of The Low – Shakespeare My Butt, and a solar powered CD player (that disc would be like having an old friend with me).
2. My Moleskine and a pen (I always wanted to get away and write).
3. Large supply of adult beverages in corked bottles (so I could enjoy the libations and then write a message in a bottle once a day to stay sane).

Something People Might Not Know About You: I have a modest collection of quotes like “A good plan violently executed today is far and away better than a perfect plan tomorrow”, and “The demand for certainty is a sign of weakness”, as if surrounding myself with the laurels I wish I lived by will somehow magically rub off on me. Perhaps if I have enough of these little pieces of paper, one day there won’t be enough room for me in my home and I will be pushed out my door…finally forced to follow their advice.

What Does Being In Independent Louis Mean To You? : I can only hope for anyone that they have the opportunity to spend some quality time with their passion, whatever that may be. There is nothing more fulfilling to me then being afforded this opportunity by my band mates, my loved ones, the venues, and everyone who supports us by coming to our shows. There is nothing better in the world then creating a reaction in another person from something that was initially created from no more than a feeling inside of you. Actually the only thing better is working that idea through with a group of people who are all dedicated toward that same goal…it’s exhilarating really. If someone can paint their own picture from, or see themselves in one of our stories…that’s damn cool.