Say Yes CD

cd Say Yes
© 2011
  1. Bella Please
  2. Dead End Town
  3. No Runaway
  4. American Boy
  5. Waterline
  6. Have Some

If Independent Louis’ 2nd effort, “6 Ways From Sunday” revealed just how ambitious IL aimed to be, it also fell just short of realizing those ambitions. No such problem with this, their third album titled “Say Yes.” A wide mix of influences can be heard throughout “Say Yes,” from their indie rock roots to a touch of country twang. Tracks like “American Boy” and “Waterline” weave story within the polished production, while tracks like “Bella Please” and “No Runaway” plow forward with reckless abandon. Just enough room is left for a surprise or two as well, making for an enjoyable musical journey start to finish.