Six Ways From Sunday CD

cd six ways
© 2009
  1. Shade of White
  2. Fight the Sun
  3. Everything’s Fine
  4. Daisy Don’t Cry
  5. Irish Rain
  6. Fireflies
  7. Cathartic
  8. Little Late
  9. The Ride
  10. Six Ways From Sunday
  11. Hoodie
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Seven years of silence, one band mate lost to Los Angeles, one to the abyss…what would come next?

A rebirth.

With a new found focus and creative vision, Independent Louis has succeeded in creating what they half jokingly describe as a “cohesive melding of awesomeness,” a signature phrase among the band mates. The albums eleven cuts certainly sport a signature sound, showcasing equal parts brutal honesty and un-pent fervency, pulling you into IL’s world and showing their scars.

“We hope everyone can find a moment for themselves in this album,” says singer Mike Cerio. “It was an amazing experience to make, and I hope people will enjoy listening to it half as much as we did the process.”